Mental health support to help students thrive.

Put relief for stress, anxiety, and depression in the hands of everyone on campus, with no waiting or session limits. Sanitas is the clinically validated solution made to work with students’ lives at all points in their journey.

More than half of college students say they’ve experienced “overwhelming anxiety” in the past year. Over 40 percent said they felt so depressed they had difficulty functioning.* Campus health services may

Relief and guidance. Right where it counts.

When problems touch nearly everyone, so should the solution. Now there’s a resource that meets students where they are with tools to help them overcome common challenges and make the most of their college experience.

Made for students

Our mobile-first experience is designed around students’ preferences and behavior. By making care accessible any way they need it, Sanitas can reach your entire student population.


Built on clinically validated techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation, Sanitas helps relieve a spectrum of student mental health concerns, from mild stress to symptoms of depression.

Power to help more people

When students, faculty, and staff have tools to deal with the most common problems, that frees up counseling and health center resources to focus on those who need the most help.

Serve more members

Guide your members to better care with a digital solution for on-demand relief of stress, anxiety, and depression. We’re committed to serving 80 percent of eligible members for PCP practices we partner with.

Better experience

Self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation, and other clinically validated support is as close as a smartphone. So members find relief anywhere they choose, with no waiting lists or networks to navigate.

Lower cost of care

By removing the obstacles to care, Sanitas drives down emergent costs and reduces the economic impact of behavioral health conditions on total medical spend.


Behavioral care that works for the Whole Campus.

Azadi can help you support a healthier member population while lowering costs across the system. Interested in learning more?