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Azadi makes getting cultural and gender sensitive mental health services and support for marginalized communities wholly accessible and inclusive. Sanitas leverages language-psychology, machine learning, and data science to improve mental health outcomes for historically marginalized communities and Medicaid populations.

We’re proud of what we built.

Built on a foundation of decades of research by renowned experts in language, psychology, machine learning, and data science, Sanitas leverages the world’s most powerful, extensively validated, psychology-based language analysis platform for understanding human emotion and psychology from language.

Our learning algorithms evaluate free text to help predict patients who may be at risk of self-harm or psychological distress, enabling care teams or other caretakers to intervene faster. For example, health providers can evaluate patients’ mental health based on what they post on social media sites or to online blogs/message boards. Given the widespread adoption of social media and mobile devices, health care providers have a wealth of new data to work with. Feeding patient-generated text into our NLP and machine learning algorithms, caregivers have the ability to create predictive models that signal when a patient is experiencing deep depression, undergoing an anxiety attack, or having suicidal thoughts.

In collaboration with therapists, doctors and researchers, we are working to build the most effective behavioral health care solution in the world — and put it in the hands of everyone who needs it.

We hope you’ll join us,

Rodney Bell & Kacy Keys

Co-founders, Azadi Health

Your data stays private.

At Azadi, we never share your personal information with anyone unless you explicitly request us to do so. Use our tools with full confidence that your information is private and secure. To learn more, please see our Privacy Policy.

Our Mission

To advance health equity by making mental health care wholly accessible and inclusive for  BIPOC communities and low-income families.

our vision

To be the most accessible and effective behavioral health care solution in the world.

Meet our team.

Rodney Bell


Rodney Bell is the Co Founder & CEO of Azadi Health. Azadi Health was founded with the mission of making mental health services and support radically accessible and inclusive for under served BIPOC populations. We’ve carefully designed a culturally responsive environment where it’s okay to open up about personal experiences and share sensitive information.

Kacy Keys


Kacy is a pragmatic leader in high-growth organizations. She is a Co-Founder of Azadi and leads product strategy and serves as in-house legal counsel. Kacy brings lived experience managing the mental health landscape on behalf of her biracial twin daughters, who identify as Black. The challenges of finding mental health services that are responsive and sensitive to the particular needs of BIPOC individuals are real and need to be addressed. Kacy earned her JD and Bachelor of Science in  Economics from the University of California at Berkeley and holds a MA in urban planning from UCLA.

Dr. Paula Bruce


Dr. Paula Bruce is the Founder, CEO, and Executive Clinical Director of  Dr. Paula E. Bruce, Ph.d. and associates. The growing practice includes excellent multilingual, multiethnic clinicians who work with a diverse group of clients.  She is an experienced and well-respected clinical and forensic psychologist licensed in California (PSY16248) for over 20 years. 

Dr. Bruce is committed to an anti-racist, fully inclusive perspective to psychotherapy and approaches her work with clients with care, sensitivity, and respect for their unique, diverse identities.




All together now.

By keeping patients, doctors, counselors, and insurance providers on the same page, Azadi is working to make the mental health system more connected and effective.

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